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What are the new changes to MHPOD?

MHPOD has recently moved to a new address and we look forward to meeting the community. The move to a single site requires existing users to re-register and transfer their previous credits. Further information on the process can be found below

If you need further information or assistance, please email

One National MHPOD

The MHPOD state websites have been merged into a single National website and made publicly available. Anyone can now access MHPOD, simply visit the new portal located at and click "Sign Up" to start enjoying MHPOD straight away.

Existing users who re-register with the same email address

If you register with the same email address you used on one of the previous instances of MHPOD, the system will automatically restore your previously earned credits.

Existing users who re-register with a different email address

My email address has changed since I last used MHPOD
If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your previous MHPOD account, that's not a problem. After creating your account on the new site you will see a button called "Find my credits". Clicking this button will prompt you to select the state site you previously used and enter your previous username and password. This information will then be used to identify your previous training records and to credit you with any previous completions.

My email address has changed AND I can't remember my previous user name and password
In this case you can still re-register with MHPOD, however the system will NOT be able to restore your previously earned credits.

New users

Everyone can now access MHPOD simply visit the new portal located at and click "Sign Up".

Users in New South Wales

NSW Health clinicians are advised to use This is a separate, NSW specific site that hosts the same content found on the national site along with additional resources specific for NSW Health clinicians. If you reside in NSW and do not work for NSW Health, then you should register here on the new national site.

What is MHPOD?

MHPOD is an evidence-based online learning resource for people working in mental health. There are over 100 hours of material across 68 topics, written and produced in Australia. The topics range from recovery, to legislation and dual disability. Each topic includes an overview, activity, in-practice section, and resources such as checklists, templates, or links to further information. The content of MHPOD is linked to the National Practice Standards for the Mental Health Workforce.

Who is it for?

MHPOD is primarily designed for nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists working in mental health in Australia. Workers in their first two years of practice in Australian clinical mental health services may find it particularly useful. It is expected that other people, including general practitioners (GPs), consumer workers, carer workers, Aboriginal health workers, and other allied health workers will also find it useful.

How was it developed?

MHPOD has been funded by the Commonwealth government and all states and territories. The aims of the project include supporting the mental health workforce, and improving access to evidence-based educational programs. The content has been written by the Psychosocial Research Centre at the University of Melbourne and North WestMental Health. The content is periodically reviewed, and updated to reflect current practice and standards, as well as enhance the range of topics and accessibility.

The production and overall delivery of MHPOD has been undertaken by CADRE Design in Sydney, who provide all technical support for the hosting site and report back to the national project and contract manager located within the Department of Health and Human Services in Melbourne. The broad project team, like the workforce, is multidisciplinary and located throughout Australia. Quality assurance has been undertaken by an expert group including consumer and carer representatives, clinicians and academics, who continue to shape and steer MHPOD.

Is it an effective learning resource?

A pilot of ten MHPOD topics was undertaken during 2010 at eleven mental health services around Australia. The pilot was evaluated by the Centre for Health Programs, Policy and Economics at the University of Melbourne. The evaluation found that the majority of users rated the content of the ten topics as relevant or extremely relevant to their current role.

Over 90% of participants indicated that their knowledge had increased because of their participation in the MHPOD pilot, and over three-quarters indicated that participation had increased their skills and confidence. The increase in knowledge was statistically significant.

Professional Certificate in Mental Health Practice (based on MHPOD

The Professional Certificate in Mental Health Practice is the first university accredited online professional development course for mental health workers in Australia that is specifically linked to the National Practice Standards for the Mental Health Workforce and incorporates the online content of the Mental Health Professional Online Development (MHPOD), with additional assessments. This professional certificate is for eligible students enrolled through the University of Melbourne.

Professionals currently working in the field of mental health or those working in organisations where mental health issues are prevalent may find this course of interest. This may include those with backgrounds in nursing, social work, occupational therapy and other allied health fields, psychology and psychiatry, as well as general practitioners and those working in the non-government services provided for people with mental health problems, emergency services and other organisations.

Next student cohort will commence in early 2017. For further information and to register your interest, please email

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