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What are the new changes to MHPOD?

One National MHPOD

On 30 June 2017, the MHPOD state websites will be merged into a single website that allows for self-registration. This change will increase MHPOD's reach, in addition to providing better reporting and content management.

The change requires us to merge multiple databases, as such we can't guarantee the uniqueness of usernames between them, existing users will need to re-register on the new site.

Below is some very important information existing users need to know before the change occurs to reduce issues with registration and transferring previously earned credits.

INFORMATION FOR Existing users who re-register with their current email address.

If you register with the same email address you currently use, the system will automatically credit any previously earned credits.

INFORMATION FOR Existing users who re-register with a different email address.

If you use a different email address, a function called 'Find my work' will enable you to transfer credits using your previous username and password.

We strongly suggest you record your current username and password so that the new website can automatically credit you with your past course completions when using the Find my work function. You can check your details via the "Profile" tab after logging in.

If the new server can't match you automatically by email address and you don't remember your username and password (for example you are relying on your web browser to remember these details) the new system will not be able to restore your previously earned credits.

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I need to register on MHPOD now

In the event that you need to register for MHPOD now, please read through the information below that explains what you need to do.

Public Mental Health Workforce

If you work in public mental health, MHPOD is probably available through your workplace. Please check the list below to find out who you need to contact in your state.

Jodie Bowden
Organisation: Justice Health and Alcohol & Drug Services

New South Wales
Darren Cheney
Organisation: NSW Institute of Psychiatry

Northern Territory
Richard Ashburner
Organisation: Department of Health

Marisa Stewart
Organisation: Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning

South Australia
Daryll Branford
Organisation: SA Health

Charmaine Redding
Organisation: RTO Connect

Helen Ciampa
Organisation: Department of Health and Human Services

Western Australia
Brenda Pringle / Rikki Cooper-Svendsen / Jeanette Longwood
WA Country Health Service

Users in New South Wales

NSW Health clinicians should not register on this site. Please go to to access MH POD modules.

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