How to use

If you are seeking log-in details for MHPOD and are:

  • employed by an Australian State or Territory Health Department (e.g. NSW Health, WA Health),
  • a health professional represented by a college or other national professional organisation,

please select "Get Support" from the toolbar above and locate your State or Territory contact on the "Contact Points" page.

Otherwise, please contact the national MHPOD Project Officer at to enquire about access.

The tutorials below show how to use the MHPOD course material. They require the plug-in for Flash 9 or above. Overall we recommend Windows XP/Vista and Pentium 4 or better and 1 Gb of RAM. MHPOD will operate effectively at specifications down to P3. The screen is optimized for 1024 X 768 pixels. No sound card is required. The complete system requirements for Flash are regularly updated on the Adobe site.


Objectives contain the main content of the topic and include an overview, one or more activities, an "in practice" section and resources. This tutorial shows how to navigate through an objective.

The Knowledge Check

The knowledge check is a short quiz which follows the introduction of each topic. This tutorial shows how to complete the knowledge check.

The Learning Plan

The learning plan is a menu of the objectives in each topic, with the ones you need to complete marked. This tutorial shows how the learning plan works.